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Mrs. Harrison
St. Thomas Aquinas, Grade 2
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The Hat
by Jan Brett


Our class thoroughly enjoyed reading "The Hat" by Jan Brett as this was the children’s first time with this book. We especially enjoyed her artwork and unique sense of humor! Please enjoy our work!
We have three different submissions. The children chose either a 5W poem (who, what, when, where and why), our adaptation to a Haiku or created a new or different ending to the story.

5W Poems

Told Hedgie he looked funny
When she saw him
In the barn
Because Hedgie had a mitt on his head.

By Laurie Jane

Told Hedgie he looked crazy
When he saw him
In the field
Hedgie had a mitt on his head!

By Sylvia

The Pig
Saw Hedgie
She said he looked so funny
By the farm
Because he looked so funny with the hat on his head.

By Nicholas

Hound Dog
Told Hedgie that he looked silly
When he saw him
In the field
Because Hedgie had a stocking on his head!

By Michelle

The Cat
Told Hedgie he looked funny
When she saw him
Around the barn
Because he was wearing a sock.

By Alexandra

Told Hedgie he looked weird
When he saw him
On a hill
Because Hedgie had a sock on his head.

By Scott

The dog
Told Hedgie he looked crazy
When he found him
Around the barn
Because he had a mitt on his head.

By Julia

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Our Adaptation to a Haiku

Pinecone, needles
Watery, freezing, slippery
Mushy, unique, sparkly, delicate

By Amelia

Dirt, fresh
Prickly, itchy, ticklish
Cold, puffy, green, hard

By Brock

A New or Different Ending to the Story

The Hat

Hedgie was annoyed because he couldn’t get the stocking off his head. He thought he had an idea. He thought if he went in his den maybe the stocking would fall off. The stocking fell off! Hedgie was happy!

By Stephanie

The Hat

All the animals were at the clothesline. The pony was trying to find Hedgie so she could take his hat off. When she found him, the pony quickly grabbed it off. Hedgie said, "Thank you!"
Pony was startled.

By Chelsea

The Hat

Lisa couldn’t find Hedgie to get her sock back so she looked by the barn because that was the only place she hadn’t looked. She found Hedgie but she couldn’t catch him to get her sock. So she ran as fast as she could and she finally caught him and took the sock off.

By Kaitlan



The Hat

Lisa didn’t pull the stocking off Hedgie’s head. Hedgie said, "how am I going to get this hat off my head?" His face turned purple. He began to cry. But then Hedgie walked under a branch and he was caught there and he tugged and tugged and all of a sudden, he dropped on the ground. He was so happy then because the stocking was caught on the tree. Lisa found her stocking and she put it on and they were all happy.

By Sarah

The Hat

Hedgie was walking around with that darn hat on his head and was trying to get it off. He didn’t like people making fun of him. All of a sudden, Hedgie got an idea! He went over to pony and stood behind. He asked pony to kick. Pony kicked with all his might. And poof! The hat flew into the air and landed in the river. Hedgie was free at last!

By Brock

The Hat

Lisa never found the stocking and Hedgie tugged and tugged and tugged. Pop! The stocking came off!

By Braden

The Hat

Lisa was running after Hedgie. Hedgie kept running to his den. When he finally got in his den he felt safe. Lisa remembered that there was going to be a blizzard so she ran back to her house. It did storm. Hedgie was sleeping. He was so lucky he had the hat on his head because the hat kept his head warm. He was very warm in his den.

By Gaylyn

The Hat

Lisa was looking for the missing stocking and she didn’t notice Hedgie with the stocking stuck to his head walking past. When he was walking past he wondered how he was going to get the thing off his head. He wanted to get this thing off his head so the other animals wouldn’t laugh at him. But how? Then Hedgie started to walk through a thorn bush. The stocking got stuck on a thorn. He pulled and tugged – then the stocking ripped open and Hedgie ran away with the stocking still stuck to his head.

The pony came over and said, "You still have that hat on. Take it off! You look ridiculous with it on your head! Ha-ha-ha!"

Then Hedgie said, "Yes, I do have the hat on my head. And what’s the problem with that? It will keep me warm for the rest of the winter and I won’t get so cold. So there! I’m going back to my den."

On Hedgie’s way back home the stocking came off because it got caught on a twig. Hedgie danced for joy!

By Chris