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Mrs. Lathuras' Class
Stokes School
Grade 2
Levittown, New York
Snow Riders
by Constance W. McGeorge

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Book Reviews

This book is about Molly and Matthew. Matthew and Molly snuck out of the house and pretended to ride horses. The horses got up and stretched. Then the horses pranced and ran fast. The horses jumped a fence. They slowly walked down the hill and a train came. The horses went home and Matthew and Molly went to bed and were asleep very soon.

by Stefan L.

The story is about two kids. Their names are Matthew and Molly. They went outside and built snow horses. Then the snow horses turned real then they ride on them. When they rode they saw the morning train then they went home and went to bed.

by David T.

Molly and Matthew made snow horses outside in the snow. Just when they were going to on the horses, Mollly and Matthew were called for supper. They stood together and looked out the window. That night they went outside and climbed on the horses. The horses moved their heads and came to life. The horses raced. Molly saw something at the end of the field. It was a high fence. The horses raced with lightening speed and jumped over the fence. Molly, Matt and the horses went back home. Molly and Matthew tiptoed up their rooms and went to sleep.

by Joseph M.


This story is about two kids Matthew and Molly who go outside to make horses out of snow. Then at night they ride on them. They see the morning train. They go to bed and soon they are fast asleep. I like this story because I like snow and horses.

by Daniel S.


The story is about to characters named Matthew and Molly. They made two snow horses and then they went to bed and snuck a ride on the snow horses. The snow horses took them all over. They cantered and galloped. They even saw the morning train. Then they went to bed.

by Travis O.


Horses of all kinds
Some horses are black, some horses are white.
Do you like horses?

by Marissa T.

Roses are red, violets are blue.
I love horses, so do you.
Some horses are black, some are white.
In this story we read,
Molly and Matthew were in bed.
The horses slowed down and Molly and Matthew came around.
They tiptoed to bed and fell asleep
Before you can say red.

by Leyla S.

Different Horses
White horses, black horses. Black and white horses.
All different horses.
All the horses are my favorite!
Big horses, little horses,
I love horses.

Do you like horses?
Matthew and Molly built a snow horse, soon the horses
swung ahead, Molly and Matthew were soon in bed.

I like them, Maybe you know a couple of things about horses.
Maybe you don't.
But I know a couple of things.
I know that horses can be black or white. Some are fat, some are thin.
Some can run, some can gallop.
That is a all I know about

by Nicole L.

New Endings

At the end the children made a snow sled. Then it comes alive and takes them to the zoo. They see the animals. When they are done they get ice cream. Then they go home and go to sleep. The next day they go to play with their friends. They tell them about all about their adventure.

by Laura H.

The children put the horses in the garage. The next day Matthew and Molly rode the horses until they were called in for dinner. No one found out about the ride, because they only rode them at night. They named the horses Cody and Lilly. They rode the horses every single night and fed them, too. They never told anyone about their horses, not even their mom or dad.

by Katelyn T.

At the end Matthew and Molly made a snowman. The snowman was fat and big. He liked the boy and girl. They played outside quietly so they wouldn't wake their mom or dad. It was fun playing with their snowman alive snowman. They heard a sound, and left the snowman. When they got the snowman had melted away.

by Anthony G.

Matthew and Molly made two snow people - a man and a woman. Then they went in for dinner. During the night the two snow people came to life and rode off on the snow horses. When Matthew woke up in the morning the people and horses were gone. What happened?

by Anthony L.



J. What is the name of the story?
D. Snow Riders

J. Who is the author?
D. Contance McGeorge

J. What's your favorite part?
D. When the train passed by.

J. What is your favorite illustration?
D. My favorite is the page where the children are making the snow horses.

J. Who is your favorite character?
D. Matthew - because he rides a nice horse.

J. What is the main idea of the story?
D. Matthew and Molly build horses from snow, They ride them at night. This is an adventure.

J. How does it end?
D. Matthew and Molly go to bed.

By Justin W. & Dominick D.

L. Hi! I'm standing with Molly. May I have your name please?
M. Molly

L. How old are you?
M. I am eight years old.

L. What's your favorite sport?
M. horse back riding

L. What are you going to name your snow horse?
M. Emma Lindsay.

L. That's a great name.
L. What's your favorite food?

M. Macaroni and cheese.
L. Thank you for watching us!

by Lindsay S. & Kristen D.

S. What is the title of the book?
A. Snow Riders by Constance Mc George

S. What is your favorite part?
A. My favorite is when the children were riding on the horses.

S. What is the ending?
A. At the end Matthew and Molly finish their ride, come in and go to bed.

S. What did you think of the illustrations?
A. They are fantastic! The colors are beautiful.

by Shelby R. & Alexis F.

K. Who is the story by?
R. Constance Mc George

K. What is your name?
R. Ryan

K. What is your favorite part of the story?
R. When the train passes by at night.

K. Why do you like when the train passes by
R. I like trains.

K. Who is your favorite character?
R. Matthew

K. Why?
R. I like him because he likes riding horses.

K.Who are the characters?
R. Matthew and Molly.

K. What did they do?
R. They built horse, they rode them.

K. Did you enjoy this story? Why?
R. I did enjoy the story, because I like the pictures.

by Kevin M. & Ryan J.