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Mrs. Coombs' Class
Grade 1
St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School
Alexandria, Virginia

Cuddly Duddly
by Jez Alborough

Cuddly Dudley was a pengiun who did not like to be cuddled. But his brothers and sisters had to cuddle him. So Cuddly Dudley ran away to a little wooden house . The wooden house belonged to an eskimo.   When the eskimo got home he chased Cuddly Dudley all the way home.

By Shivani and Sarah

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Cuddly Dudley is a penquin who likes to swim and does not like to be cuddled. And he ran away from his brothers and sisters.  And ran to a wooden cabin.

by Julia and Tori .

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One day Cuddly Dudley who was a penguin was being chased by a polar bear. So he climbed up a mountain. The polar bear couldn't get him.

By Caroline and Meredith H.

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Cuddly Dudley loved to play by himself.  One day Cuddly Dudley was jumping iceberg to iceberg. Then he swam some.  He stopped then he went for a walk. Right when he was about to go his brothers and sisters started to cuddle him.

By John and Alex

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Cuddly Duddley is a penguin and he likes to swim and he eats fish.  One day Cuddly Duddley found a wooden cabin and went inside. He jumped on the bed and took a bath and used the scrub brush. Then he heard a knock on the door.  It was an eskimo.

by Julia S. and Emily

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Cuddly Dudley ran away from his brothers and sisters. He ran until he found  a wooden cabin.  He swam in a bath tub and he used the brush as a diving  board. Then two of his sisters  knocked at the door they askcd if he could  come home.

by Reilly and Elizabeth

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Cuddly Dudley ran and ran until he faund a cabin.  He looked at the fish and then he went in the cabin. It was warm inside and he had fun.

Meredith R.

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Cuddly Dudley did not like his bothers and sisters. One day he ran away to a wooden cabin to get away from his bothers and sisters.


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Once upon a time threre was a penguin namd Cuddly Dudley.  He didn't like his brothers and sisters cuddling him.

By Robbie

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Cuddly Dudley did not like to be cuddled.  He went to a wooden cabin. He
jumped on the bed and he swam in the bathtub.

By Chip

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