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Miss Sowa's Class
Grade 2
Clinton Avenue Elementary
Port Jefferson Station, New York

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Snow Day
by Betty Maestro

Yesterday we had our first SNOW DAY! I woke up at 6:30 A.M. because my  Brother jumped on me and opened my eyes! So then we went outside. We made a  good igloo. I did the best part, I got to make the hole! After that, we went on our  own rollercoaster that we made in the snow in our backyard!

by Celene C.

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Yesterday we had our first SNOW DAY! I shoveled the street. Then I  shoveled my driveway. Then my friends and I came in to eat pizza. We went outside  to play in the snow, and when we came back in we had hot chocolate and brownies!

by Matthew B.

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Yesterday we had our first SNOW DAY! Yesterday I woke up and got dressed to go outside. I put on my snowsuit, and my jacket, and my hat, and my  gloves, and I went outside with my brother. My brother attached a sled and his bike  together with a rope and then he pulled me with his bike. I was going really fast! After that, my brother and I both rode our bikes in the street.

by Cory B.

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Yesterday we had our first SNOW DAY! My mom woke me up at seven o'clock  in the morning because she thought we had school. After I woke up, I put on  News Channel 12 and saw that we had no school! But then I could not get back to sleep,  so my mom, my sister and I made dolls. After that we had lunch. Two or three hours I  had to take my medicine, it was disgusting! I love SNOW DAYS!

by Katelyn R.

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Yesterday we had our first SNOW DAY! My sister woke me up at 7:30 A.M., and that's how I found out we had no school! I got dressed and then I watched T.V.  At 9:15 A.M., my friend called me and asked me if I could play. We had lots of fun.  We made snow angels. After that, we had some hot chocolate and then I had to go  home. We went to my cousin's house and had a snowball fight! But the boy's team won because my dad and my uncle were on their team. Then finally we had dinner and played in the basement. Then we went home, and that was my SNOW DAY!

by Ashely A.

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Yesterday we had our first SNOW DAY! I found our by the weather  channel. Yesterday James and I played out in the snow all day long! We made a snow fort. We also played with my trucks, pretending they were plowing the snow. We came in and we had some hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. We also played Cruisin' USA.

by Craig N.

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