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Mrs. Hall's Class
South Lebanon Elementary School
South Lebanon, Ohio
First Grade

Henrietta's First Winter
by Rob Lewis

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In Henrietta’s Winter, Henrietta is a young forest animal whose mother has died and she is preparing for winter. All of her best efforts to prepare go astray. Her food gets wet from rain, the bugs eat the next collection, then all of her friends help her to gather more food, but then they eat it at a party. Poor Henrietta is left with very little to make it through the winter. She goes to sleep and when she wakes up it is Spring, and she can begin to gather more food.

Our class was disappointed with the ending, we thought that it was too simple. We wanted to show more of what Henrietta had to go through during the winter. So, we wrote a new ending.

When she woke up…

She was starving. She looked for food. There were only a few scraps under the snow. She was freezing and starving. It was not a good winter for Henrietta. Spring finally came and she was happy. She began to find food again. The next winter she swept all of the bugs out of her house, she found a dry place to store her food, and she didn’t have any tea parties.

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