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Mrs. Silverman's Class
Clinton Avenue Elementary
Grade 2
Port Jefferson Station, New York

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Brave Irene
by William Steig

Irene was very brave as she battled the harsh wind, snow, cold and darkness to deliver a gown to the dutchess. This made us think of a time in our lives that we did brave things. I'm sure you will agree after reading our stories that we are a very brave class!

Brave James

When I was a baby I climbed out of my playpen and broke my leg.  I had to go to the hospital.  I got a cast on my leg.  I cried when I saw the saw.  But I was brave.

Brave Becky

We played a game of hide and seek.  I hid in the tree.  I got stuck up in the tree.  I was hanging by the rope but I got down safely.

Brave Kaitlyn

One day when I went to my friend's house for a party.  The boys were calling me a whimp because I didn't want to jump off the swing and they said that I couldn't do it.  And then I said, "I'll prove it."  And then my brother said, "Go ahead."  And I started swinging high and then when I jumped and hit the ground I twisted my wrist.

Brave Amanda

One day my sister who was three wanted a toy from the top shelf.  She asked me to get it.  I was so scared!   I was 5 almost 6.  I climbed up the shelves.  Now I do it all the time.   Now I'm 7 almost 8.  My sister is 5 now.

Brave Kyle

One day I was brave.  I stuck up for my friends.  There was a bully named Frank that chases Annaiz and Kaitlyn.  I felt brave.

Brave K.J.

I was brave when I got my head stuck in a drawer.  I had to go to the hospital.  I was bleeding.  I got stitches.  I was a youngster.

Brave Alishia

When I was a baby I fell down the stairs because the door was open.  And I had to go to the hospital.  I had to get stitches but they put me to sleep.  I hope I never have to do that again.

Brave Steven

Once I had to go to the hospital because I had to get stitches on my forehead.  I was screaming to death.   I was 2 years old when it happened.  It happened at 7 o'clock.  I would not do that again.

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Brave John

I went dirt bike riding with my dad.  I felt scared when I jumped the ramp.  I broke my fender on my dirt bike.

Brave Freddy

One day I was so scared of Chucky.  I had to run around the house.  I had to do it.

Brave Charlayna

My mom once got hurt at work.   She went to the hospital.  Whenever she asked for something I got it for her.   And she is ok now.  I was brave because I was scared to get into this conversation but I helped her anyway.  And she is proud of me.

Brave Morgan

Once I had three bumps on my foot.  I had to go to the doctor.  He had to fill the bumps so they'd go away.   The doctor said to put my foot in hot water.  When he filled it I was brave.   I was so brave that my mommy took me to Friendlys for icecream.

Brave Cheyenne

I was brave when I banged into the TV.  I went to the hospital for 5 stitches and I was 9 months old.  It hurt but I did not move and before I knew it, it was all over and I was fine.  But there was a part when they gave me a shot to fall asleep.  After that I did not feel anything.

Brave Anthony

When I was brave I was a little baby.  I was in an 8 foot pool.  I had to put on my swimmies but my parents left to go inside.  I got out of the pool and took off my swimmies.  Then I went in the pool.  I swallowed a lot of water.  One of my cousins got me before I sunk.   I felt brave because this was the first time this happened.

Brave Alex

I saw a barn fire and I called the fire department.  That time I felt brave about myself.  The firefighters arrived quicker then 2 minutes.

Brave Jamie

When I got my dog we named him Freckles.  We love him very much.  Once we took the dogs outside.   I let go of the leash by accident and Freckles ran away.  I ran in the road and grabbed the leash.

Brave Alyssa

One day I went to the dentist to get my tooth pulled out.  I had to get a needle inside my gum.  Then I yelled so loud that I lost my voice.  And I was brave because I got a needle to get my tooth pulled out.

Brave Priscilla

When I was brave I was on a wagon and they told me not to open the wagon door and I did.  I fell out in the street.  Then I went to the hospital and they wanted to see if my back was broken.   But my back was not broken.

Brave Annaiz

My two brothers and I were sleeping.  Mom and dad were cooking.  They left the stove on.  Mom forgot to turn it off.  I smelled smoke and got my parents.  I woke up my sleeping little brother.  Mom called the fire department.

Brave   Kevin

One day I went bike riding.   A girl did not know how to use the breaks.  ( I assume it was her first time.)   I got off my bike and stopped her.  I amost got a cut from the black top.   I felt very brave.  I absolutely would do it again.

Brave Matt

I am never afraid to get a needle in the arm from a doctor.  I used to cry when I was little.  Now I am   seven and I don't cry.  I am brave.

Brave Chris

One day my dog broke out of the house and my mom and dad did not know.  So when I was home I found him on the lawn.  I rescued him.  I was brave.

Brave Nicole

When I was 4 I broke my arm.  I had to get pins in my arm.  I felt brave when I got the pins in my arm.   I was asleep when this happened.  When they came out I was not asleep.   When they came out they hurt.  I had to go to the hospital when this happened.

Brave Rae

My cousin Hannah put her finger through fire.  I did not have to but I did.  My finger did not go on fire.  It felt good actually.  Now I love to do it.  I'm proud.

Brave Mrs. Silverman

I went scuba diving at Cocos Island, Costa Rica several years ago.  I dove with hundreds of sharks.  I knew that I wasn't on their "menu" but still felt brave.

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