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Mrs. Jones' Class
Perry Elementary School
Perry, Oklahoma

Owl Moon
by Jane Yolen
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Poems inspired by the story Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

Night, night
In the dark.
Stars so bright
And brilliant, too.

By Jacqui

The Moon
The moon is bright.
It is so white.
It is high in the sky.
It is big and nice.

By Terence

It is midnight and cold.
I hear hoot, hoot!
It's a great horned owl.
We stop.
We look up and say, "Brrrrrrr!"
The owl says, "Hoot, hoot!"
It flies away.

By Jamie

One Snowy Day
One snowy day
Elisha and I went to the woods,
To go hunting for an owl.
We found one!
It was fun.

By Amy

The Racoon
Look over there!
A racoon!
Let's see what it does.
It ran up the tree,
Jumped to another
And was gone!

By Dalton


Snowfall flitters
Breezes blow
Children laughing
Bells are low
Children playing
Dreaming about snowmen
And grownups are reading to them.

By Jeremiah

The Moon is Out
The moon is out.
Who might be out? Whooo whooo!
Pa picks a route.
We peer at a deer.
Whooo whooo, owl flies away.
We will see you another day.

By Seth

I Love My Mom

My Mom takes me to the video store to buy the Spice Girls to watch.
My mom takes me to her job.

By Samantha

The Mystery Moon

On March 17, 1876, the moon shined as bright as the sun.
It looked like the sun in the morning, but it was night.
In 1987, the moon was normal and the people cheered.

By Aaron

Mouse in the House

Mice are not hairy.
They do not bite.
So do not kill mice.
They only eat cheese.

By Jacob

A Snowy Night

On a snowy night, I saw a moon.
The moon was so bright it looked like a light.
It was so quiet that you could hear a peep
Out of a sheep.

The snow crunched over my toes.
Then that night I saw an owl.
The owl said, "Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo."
And the time was right to go home.

By Elisha

The Splendor Moon

The moon is very pretty.
It sparkles in the night sky.
Like a diamond in the sky.
It may have holes in it that we can not see,
But it is still very pretty to me.

By Cassandra

Stories about special times spent with a family member

Frontier City
By Lacy

One day my parents said, "We have a surprise! We're going to the city."
"Here we are!" Dad said. "We're at Frontier City!"

New Year's Eve
By Evan

I was coming home from my Grandma's and Grandpa's at 9:00 p.m. My family and I watched The Parent Trap. It was 10:30 p.m. now. We watched t.v. then we saw the ball drop and listened to the sirens at midnight.

Deer Hunt
By Dalton

My dad took me hunting and we walked to the deer house. I waited for a long time. Finally a deer came. My dad kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to shoot. I did. I shot the deer and it hit a lung and hit the heart. I was ready to gut it myself. I asked Dad where to start. My dad and I gutted it and we ate deer meat.

Worlds of Fun
By Seth

My dad and I went to Worlds of Fun. I got to ride rollercoasters! They were called Timberwolf and the Orient Express. My sister went to Bear Sting Bear Country. Then we went to the cheese cake factory. I had a hamburger and french fries.

Walk in the Park
By Autumn

My mom my brother and I went to the park and walked around 9 times, which is, I don't know how many miles. I had a good time. You would want to be there too. It was so much fun. I swang on the swingset. We took pictures. And we saw a fox behind the train track. When the train was almost gone, we took a picture of the last car. We have it at home somewhere. If I can find it, I will bring it to school, and a picture of my baby brother, Jesse, too. It will be a big picture.

Walking in the Woods
By Laddie

My dad and I were walking in the woods. We saw a field mouse. We saw a rabbit. It ran away. It ran fast! We saw a bird and we saw a snail. We brought our fishing poles to go fishing. I caught a five pound fish. We ate my fish and it was good. After that, my sister, Savannah and I went walking in the woods. We saw a dead snake and our baby puppies loved it. We saw a frog and another field mouse. Then we started home and Savannah and I saw an owl.

Creative Stories

Feathers on the Moon
By Evan

Once upon a time there was a very white moon. The Indians could not do their hunting because it was too bright! So they took black feathers from a black bird and threw them on the moon.

The Snow Was Falling
By Jeremiah

One night the snow was falling and a child was playing. The child loved the snow. He did not get snow much, but his family loved snow. One night his mother called him for supper. They were having a big dinner. He was looking out of the window for he loved the snow. The next day the snow was still falling.

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