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Mrs. Kosiorek's Class
Grade 3
Liberty School
Great Meadows, New Jersey
Snow Day
by Betsy Maestro

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Our class has been working on our Winter Unit for the entire month of January. We have been reading many many books and poems that have to do with winter. Snow Day by Betsy Maestro is just on of these books. We have been intergrating this unit with our study of sound and light in science. So after reading this book and identifying all the sounds we investigated how volume and pitch of a sound differ and how each are made. We also identified the steps we would take to make a snowman. We wrote poems and stories about snow.

Fun Snow

Snow snow you can catch it on your tongue.
Snow snow it covers the mountain tops.
I like snow.
You like snow.
Everybody likes snow.
Snow is cold.
Snow is fun.

By:  Chris H.

A Snowy Day

It was a snowy day outside. The snow was falling. The ground was beautiful. The ground was filled with snow.

By: Oleg D.

A Long Lasting Snowman

A child built a large snowman
He was in a strange land.
The snowman lasted through the blizzard. It's like he has been struck by a wizard. The snowman put on quite a show.
Another one would have been tossed to and fro.
The snowman knew what he had felt.
It now was time to melt!

By: Leslie T.

A Girl Who Didn't Know

What to do in the snow?
She didn't know.
Ice skating would be fun.
Didn't want to fall on her bun.
Decorate a tree?
Ornaments aren't free.
What to do?
Something new.
Make a snowman named Punk
With lots and lots of spunk!!
Snow and Sun

By: Sarah M.

Snow is white
Snow so light
Out comes the sun so bright
Wrecking my snowman so white
Oh that sun that shines so bright
He should be punished for his naughtiness tonight!!

By: Sarah D.

In math we had a Standing Snowboot Jump. We divided into groups. Each member of the team had to put on these gigantic boots that Mrs. Kosiorek brought in. Each member jumped as far as they could. The rest of the team measured and recorded their jump. When all team members had jumped we added them all together and then found the average. Here we are:

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The day after we read the book Snow Day we decided to take a break from winter. We decided to go someplace warm. We had Beach Day. This was a great day. We read about lighthouses (sound and light) and even painted some using watercolors. Here are Chelsea, Brent, Taylor, Samantha, and Owen's creations.
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We had a "fishing contest". Our room had a pool with lots of fish "swimming" in it. Our class broke up into groups and "caught" a fish. We then had to do what it said. There were math problems, things to look up in the encyclopedia, books to read, sentences to edit, websites to locate information at, and loads of other things. When you complete what your fish said you could go "catch" another. The team that "caught" the most won! Here we are fishing!

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After a day of "fishing" we made Seaside Sandwiches. Here is the recipe:

slice of bread
1 Tablespoon peanut butter
1 Tablespoon grape jelly
3 or 4 fish shaped crackers
rolled fruit roll-ups
graham snack teddy bear shaped crackers
sweetened fruit flavored round cereal

Spread one-half of the top of the slice of bread with peanut butter to create the "beach." 
Spread the other half with grape jelly to create the "ocean."  Arrange the fish crackers in the ocean.
Cut small rectangles of fruit roll-up for beach towels to place on the "beach" and graham snack cookies on each towel.
Place a cereal ring next to each cookie so the teddy bears can take a dip in the "ocean" if they get too hot.