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11. Chasing My Dog in the Snow

Two winters ago there was a lot of snow here and I chased my dog in the snow. It was hard because he disappeared in the snow and you never knew where he would pop up. It was also hard to see him because all you could see was his tail.

by Branden

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12. Skating on the Pond

In 1996, Justin and I skated on his pond. We skated without skates, just using our shoes. We fell in the pond and it was fun because it wasn't very deep. We laughed and laughed and laughed. We got wet when we fell in the pond. We got back to Justin's house and we went into his house. We had hot chocolate and we put our shoes over the fire. Then we went to bed.

by Gerry

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13. Hauling Firewood

Hi, my name is Tamara-Rea and I haul firewood with my grandpa. We keep it in the garage and I go to the garage and I get it. My grandpa takes a chainsaw and he cuts firewood. He takes a wheelbarrow and goes to the forest to collect it. He takes an axe and chops the wood in half. It comes from the forest and we use it for the fireplace in the winter time and we sit beside the fireplace.

by Tamara Rea

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14. The Blizzard

When we had the blizzard two years ago, the snow was very hard to get
through. We had friends from Calgary at our house. They got snowed in and then their van got stuck in the ditch. It took a long time to get out. The snow was great to sled in. Each morning we would race to see how high the snow got over the night. Each night the snow got higher and higher. I did a lot of the sledding and stuff with my family, the friends I told you about and my neighbours. All that snow was great to make giant snowballs with. We also made a snow fort and we made an igloo. I loved the snow and I wished it would never end. I liked the way my feet sunk into the snow. We had the snowstorm in 1996. One time my boot got stuck in the snow. I liked having our friends snowed in with us because they have kids I could play with.

by Kelsey

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15. A Frosty Morning

One day I woke up and everything was frosty so I got up and I got my clothes on. After I made my bed I went outside to see if I could see anything but I could not see a thing. I tried to clear the air with a vacuum cleaner but it didn't work because vacuums don't work on air. I had to put the vacuum away. I might have worn the batteries out anyway. Pretty soon I didn't need the vacuum because the air cleared and I could see again.

by Garrett

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16. Snowdrift Fun

Two years ago we and our brothers and sisters were playing in the snow.
It was very cold and fun. We dug holes into the snowbanks and made snowmen and had snowball fights. When it was bedtime we cocoa and went to bed. The next day we set up the decorations and had breakfast and played in the snowdrifts again. Steven and his sisters also made a building in the middle of each tunnel they made. It was so much fun. They made a lot more tunnels. When all the tunnels and buildings were finished they made snow cupboards. It was really hard. Then they made snow beds which was also hard. Finally they made three cups and that was very hard and then the day was over.

by Kyle and Steven

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17. Driving on Icy Roads

Hi! My name is Heather. It is still cold out. The snow is still falling and it is really hard to get around on the icy roads. My mom keeps her eye on the road. My mom tells me to be quiet in the van. She always says it is for my own good. I see a lot of animals when I am in my mom and dad's van. My mom is a very careful driver so she never gets in accidents even on icy roads.

by Heather

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18. Snowball Weather

When it snows I throw snowballs at snowmen and I make big snowballs and make snowmen with them. I make angels in the snow. I go down the driveway on the sled too and I try to make tunnels under the snow. I built a fort and make snowballs and throw them at my brother. Then I make snow angels in the snow. I lost my boot in the snow when I was clearing the driveway. After that we went sliding down the hill. I made a little wall with a hole in it then I stood beside it and my mom threw snowballs at me and I went behind it.

by Deanna and Daniel

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19. Testing the Depth of the Spring Run-off

When spring is on its way and when the snow and ice starts melting I like to look in ponds and see what is in them. Sometimes I try to skate or walk on the thin ice. But usually I fall though the thin ice. I only do this on shallow ponds because it could be dangerous. What I see are new plants and weeds.

by Justin

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20. Signs of Spring

When spring comes again, I hear chirping and the flapping of birds' wings. I smell flowers and a fresh cool breeze. I feel a cool breeze, green grass and the sun's warm rays. I see trees blooming, grass growing, baby animals, snow melting, horses running in fields, caterpillars chewing, kids still playing with their Christmas toys and flowers blooming.

by Brianna

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