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Mrs. Averett's First Grade Class
Hillrise Elementary
Elkhorn, Nebraska

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Annie and The Wild Animals
by Jan Brett

Recipes for Corn Cakes
by Danielle and Brandon

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 ear shelled corn
2 cups flour
2 pounds milk
3 eggs
Stir it. Pour into cupcake pans.
Bake 1 hour at 100 degrees.

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Jan Brett
by Rachel

Jan Brett has lots of pets, cats and dogs and donkeys and horses!

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Characters in Annie and the Wild Animals:

Wolf: Gray Wolf smelled the corn cakes.
by Stosh & Lindsey

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Bear: He is too grumpy for a friend.

by Noah & Brandon

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Moose: A snarling moose is too big for a pet.
by Wade

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Taffy: Taffy had her babies high in a tree.
by Kylee & Tiffany

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Deer: Deer are so wierd. They will eat your beard if you don't have

by Rachel

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Deer: A deer can jump and run very fast.
by Jessica

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Annie and the Wild Animals

When the girl lost her cat, she put corn cakes on the side of the yard.
by Katie

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