Frosty Online Quiz

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  1. Mrs. Morgan & Mrs. Meggison
    What animal sat on the bear?
    A) rabbit
    B) hedgehog
    C) mouse
    D) moose
    E) lion

  2. Mrs. Chippendale
    What does snow make Emily feel like?
    A) swimming in vanilla ice cream
    B) floating on a cloud
    C) sleeping on a white fluffy pillow
    D) walking on ice
    E)  drinking a milkshake

  3. Mr. Potter
    How many people are on the Juan de Fuca Ocras hockey team?
    A) about 33
    B) about 12
    C) about 100
    D) about 1,000
    E) about 10,000

  4. Mrs. Crawford
    On what date did Mrs. Crawford's class begin their summer vacation?
    A) they didn't begin it yet because it is winter!
    B) July 15
    C) August 12
    D) June 30
    E) December 15

  5. Mrs. Averett
    How many eggs do you need to make corncakes?
    A) 2
    B) 20
    C) Corncakes don't have eggs, silly!
    D) 3
    E) 50

  6. Mrs. Powell & Mrs. Rice
    What does Katie like to do when it snows?
    A) bake cookies
    B) build a snowman
    C) make snow angels
    D) go down hill on a sled
    E) Katie hates the snow!  She likes to swim at the beach!

  7. Mrs. Hicks
    What do badgers do in the winter?
    A) hibernate
    B) migrate
    C) cooperate
    D) go on a date
    E) sit by a gate

  8. Mrs. Dunn
    Why did the king turn into a snake?
    A) to frighten the queen
    B) he wanted to eat mice
    C) he wanted to be cold blooded
    D) he wanted to trick the enemy
    E) to comfort Nyasha

  9. Mrs. Gialdini
    Why doesn't Rita like her rainbow dress?
    A) it isn't in style
    B) it is too small
    C) it itches
    D) the colors are yucky
    E) it is too big

  10.   Mrs. Ahlbrecht
    Why won't bear make a good pet?
    A) he smells bad
    B) his claws are too sharp
    C) he sleeps too much
    D) he is too grumpy
    E)  he eats too much

  11.   Mrs. Silverman
    When was Mrs. Silverman brave?
    A) when she married Mr. Silverman
    B) when she designed Frosty Readers
    C) when she dove with sharks
    D) when she traveled to Turkey
    E) when she let her son Gary drive her to school