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Mrs. Ahlbrecht's Second Grade Class
Robert Frost Elementary
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Annie & The Wild Animals
by Jan Brett

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Annie and the Wild Animals
A Play Written by Room 201 Students

Narrator 1
Narrator 2

Narrator 1:  It is cold in the woods. It has been snowing for many days.Winter is lasting too long.

Annie:  I wonder what’s wrong with Taffy? My cat is eating too much. She’s sleeping too much. I wonder what I should do?

Narrator 2: The next morning Taffy had disappeared.

Annie: I can’t find Taffy. Maybe she’s in the potatoe bin. Maybe she’s outside. Taffy, Taffy! Please come to me.

Narrator 1: Annie does not find Taffy. She is very sad and lonely.

Annie: I need a new friend.

Narrator 2:  Annie decides to use a corn cake to find a new friend.

Annie: I think I’ll put the corn cake here. I hope a small furry pet finds my corn cake. If he does, I’ll tame him.

Moose: Mmm, I smell a corn cake. It’s a corn cake. I was right!

Annie:   Oh goodness! There is a moose out there! I can’t have him for a pet. He is too wild. Oh, what will I do?

Narrator 1:  The corn cake was gone. The moose goes back to the woods.

Moose:   I’m not telling anyone.

Narrator 2:  Annie puts more corn cakes by the edge of the woods.

(Hold up sign that says "The next morning.")

Annie: I better go see if my corn cakes are gone.

Narrator 1: She went outside. There stood a wildcat.

Annie: He’s too mean to tame. I’d better make some more corn cakes.

Narrator 2: She went inside to make some more corn cakes. The next morning, a big bear was in the yard.

Bear:  Can I have one please?

Annie: No, you are too grumpy for a pet.

Narrator 1:  Annie leaves more corn cakes at the edge of the woods.

(Hold up sign that says "The next morning.")

Narrator 2:  At dawn, Annie came to see if Taffy had eaten any corn cakes. When she got outside, she saw a moose, a wildcat, and a bear. They were with a stag, his family and a big gray wolf. They said I want my corn cake!

Annie:  None of you are soft like Taffy and easy to train.

Narrator 1:  She ran in and slammed the door. She thought she would never see Taffy again. All the next day, Annie made corn cakes. All that night, the animals ate them.

Narrator 2: When Annie woke up the next morning, she saw a moose’s head in the window. She was scared!

Annie: Ahhhhh! There is a big moose’s head in my window!

Narrator 1:  Soon, Annie heard noises from outside. She went outside to see what was causing the noise. She saw a moose, a wildcat, a bear, and a wolf.

Animals: I want my corn cake!

Narrator 2:  Annie ran inside as fast as she could. Late that afternoon, Annie found that she had no more corn cakes. She really wanted Taffy back.

Annie: I wonder where all my corn cakes went?

Narrator 1:  She was very worried she’d never find Taffy again.  All that night, a warm breeze blew.

(Hold up sign that says "The next morning.")

Bear:   Let’s all go back to the woods. I smell lots of food.

Narrator 2: Annie looked out her window. She did not see any animals outside. They had gone back to the woods.

Annie:  Yeah, I can look for Taffy!

Narrator 2:  Annie ran outside. There was Taffy.

Annie:  I am very happy to see you! Where have you been, Taffy?

Taffy:  I have been in the woods and I have a surprise for you.

Narrator 1:  Taffy turns around. Three furry kittens come out of the woods.

Annie: I won’t be lonely, anymore.

Scenes from our show