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Mrs. Vigil's Class
Grade 2
Stephen Foster School
Lakewood, California

Annie and the Wild Animals
by Jan Brett

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Our class really enjoyed reading and discussing Annie and the Wild Animals
by Jan Brett. After much discussion, the students decided they would like to
make a riddle page about the different animals. They then realized it might
be a good idea to do some research to find out more about them. Working in
small groups, they used a variety of sources to learn more—animal books,
zoo magazines, posters, encyclopedias and the Internet. Each group completed a table of facts about their assigned animal.Topics chosen included the classification of animal (mammal),habitat, description, food and other.

From their table they composed clues for the riddles. Finally they
illustrated the animal and read the clues to the class, inviting everyone to
guess their animal. A few are a little tricky. We learned lots of surprising
facts! Enjoy!


A. Who Am I? (Anthony, Hannah, Branden, Tyler, )

1. I am a mammal.
2. I live in the forests in North America.
3. I can grow to be 11 feet tall!
4. I can weigh 1,100 pounds.
5. I am brown and have very sharp claws.

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B. Who Am I? (Justin, Jon, Jeanice, Courtney)

1. I’m a mammal
2. I live in the woods and mountains.
3. I eat other animals.
4. I live in a pack
5. I am in lots of stories.

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C. Who Am I? (Jessica, Brittnee, Shane, Tatiana)
1. I am seven feet tall.
2. I do not eat other animals.
3. I weigh 1,400 pounds!
4.I have two babies at a time.
5.I live in the forests of North America.

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D. Who Am I? (Mallorie, Daniel, Kurrisa, Chris)
1. I have four legs.
2. I am kind of shy.
3. I live in the forest.
4. I have very large litters.
5. In winter my feet are padded.

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E. Who Am I? (Alex, Cybill, William, Akia)

1. I live in North America.
2. I have four legs.
3. I eat flowers, leaves, grass and other plants.
4. I am seven feet tall and weigh 200 pounds.
5.I grow antlers and lose them in the winter.

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