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Ms. Cobb's Second Grade Class
Clinton Avenue Elementary
Port Jefferson Station, New York
The Snowman
by Raymond Briggs

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We read  The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.  James, the main character, builds a snowman who comes to life for one magical night.  We hope you enjoy looking at the activities we did in class.

Cinquain Poems

soft, cottony
fun for snowball fights

by Cody

white, small
twirling, falling, sliding
joyful makes me happy

by Diane K.

flakes, wet
melting, falling, twirling
fun to walk in

by Adrienne A.

falls down
twirling falling dancing
feel happy and joyful

by Casey

cold, melts
falling, twisting, turning
fun for snowball fights

by Sean

cold wet
falling, dropping, twisting
fun having snowball fights

by David

crunches and fall
twirling, dropping, flattening
excited and fun to play in

by Jimmy

white, soft
falling, dropping, melting
have a snowball fight

by Traci

cold stars
falling melting twirling
crunchy to go sledding

by Christina

cold, white
fun to play in

by Amy

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Snow Person Outfits

My snowman is wearing a hat, an eyepatch and bandana.  He is holding a boombox and he is mechanical.  His name is Killer.  He is a giant snowman.  "Get out of here!" the people say who see him.

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by Cody

His name is Sweet Tooth.   He is made of out of candy.  His hat is a Hershey Kiss and the flags on his hat are chocolate.  The middle of his body is made out of peppermint.  His eyes and nose are Hershey Kisses.  His mouth is made out of candy canes.

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by David

My snowlady is named Katerina.   She's a soccer player.  She has brown eyes.  She is number 14.  She has black shorts.  She's wearing her uniform.

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by Sarah

My snowlady's name is Cindy.  She is wearing pajamas with a bathrobe. 

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by Teena

My snowlady is named Sabrina.   She is wearing a bikini.

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by Nicole

My snowman's wearing sunglasses, an earring, black vest and blue pants.

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by Daniel

My snowman's name is Pirate.   He has an eye patch, teeth made of ice, a blue vest, and a bandana.  He is holding a boombox.

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by Kyle

Her name is Twitssy.  She is pretty.  She is a ballerina.  She is wearing a pink tutu.

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by Adrienne

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One Magical Night

I would make my American girl, Samantha, come to life for one night.  We would go to a tea party.  We would go get icecream and go to New York City to see the big Christmas tree.  We would also go see the Rockettes.  Then we would go get my friends  Megan and Nicole.  We would get some candy.  Then we would go to my house and play with my toys.  We would go to North Carolina and get my cousins Nikki and Kelly.  Then we would find a train and go on it.  It was called the Polar Express.  We would eat our candy on the train.  Then we would see Santa and he would give us a gift.  We each got a scarf.  Then we would drop everyone off and go home.

by Amanda

I would make my toy bear come to life for one magical night.  We would go to the North Pole.  My bear's name is Pola.  He is a polarbear.  I sleep with him every night and I bring him everywhere.  This time he is taking me and it is fun.  We had a great time and we saw the elves.  They showed us how to make a few toys but they had to go back to work so Santa can get the toys to the children.  Then we saw Santa and we got a ride.   We had to go home.  Santa gave us a present.  We gave him a hug and we left.  We were sad that we had to go.  When Pola had to go back to being a toy I was sad but I still sleep with him.

by Traci

I would make my toy race cars that go when my race truck comes alive for one night.  The cars will get so big I can ride it on the street.  When it is eleven o'clock I will go in my house.  At midnight the cars will turn off.

by Matthew

My size angel Barbie would come to life for one magical night.  We would go to Sports Plus.  We will go on the rollercoaster.  It is going to be fun.  After that we will go to a Christmas party.  At last my size angel Barbie needs to turn into a doll again.  I had a great time.

by Danielle

If my toy robot was alive I would play with it in my backyard.  We would play baseball and soccer.  We would play on the swings and he could watch me swim.  Then we would go in the house and play video games until it was time for bed.

by Jeffrey

I would make my toy dog come to life one magical night.  I would give it a bone and dog food to eat.  I'll bring him to the park and walk him around.  He will watch me play on the swings.

by Michael

I would make my toy watergun come to life for one magical night.  We'll get each other wet and build a snowman.  The watergun would squirt me until we floated away.  We floated all the way to the North Pole.  We met Santa Claus there.  Santa invited us to his house.  I met Santa's reindeer too.  He also likes the San Francisco Fliers.   We had dinner there.  Then we went home in his sleigh.  We had a great time.  My family didn't believe me.

by Chris

I would make my magic attic club doll Heather come to life for one magical night.  We would go in my attic.   We would play with all the toys.  At midnight we would go back to my room.   Heather would turn back into a doll and play with her doll friends.

by Michelle

If I could make a toy come to life it would be a G I Joe.  If someone wants to break in, it would say, "Don't Move!"  If the burglar does, Joe will take his gun out.  The burglar will run away.  I will come back.  I will say, "Did anybody come?"  He will say, "Yes."

by Sean

I would make my toy porcelain doll from England come to life for one magical night.  We would fly to England together.  We would ride on the two decker bus.  I would meet her friends.  we would have a tea party with her friends.  I would have a great time there.  I would go home after the tea party.  On the way home I would stop and play with my friends.  We would play Monopoly together.  I would tell them all about my trip to England.

by Amy