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Mrs. Langshaw's Class
Cedar Lane Elementary
First Grade
Middletown, Delaware

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by Lois Ehlert

Our class read the book Snowballs by Lois Ehlert. After we read the story we collected "good stuff" to make our snow families. We used all kinds of "good stuff" to create four snow families. Our family members included moms, dads, boys, girls, babies, and cats. Each group then wrote a story about their snow family. Three of the groups wrote about a snow adventure and one group wrote a description of their family.

We hope you enjoy our snow family stories. Send us your comments about our project to:    

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A Trip to Africa

On a cold snowy day first grade kids built some snowmen. Then they went to school. The snowmen went to a desert in Africa. It was very hot. Then they melted and evaporated. Then they went back to the cold in a cloud. The wind blew them back to North America.

Written by: Kelly A., Taylor, Michael, Emily and Alex

January 22, 1999

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A Snow Family Goes Shopping

One snowy Christmas day a snow family came to the store. They got a little bit hot so they went to the freezer. They froze and then they felt rather nice.

Written by the Snow Family members: Mar’khiye-dad, Ashley-mom, Laura-daughter, Chad-son, Shelby-cat

January 22, 1999

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The Snow Family

Once upon a time we built a snow family. We built a mom, a dad, a boy, a girl, and a baby. We used buttons, pasta, candy corns, beads, paper, beans, craft sticks, tissue paper, lace, and rubber bands. The mom has lots of paper on her. The dad has curly pasta hair. The boy has lots of pipe cleaners. The girl has two button eyes and a candy corn nose. The baby has a pipe cleaner rattle.

Written by: Ronnaire, Paul, Clinton, Kelly W., and Devon

January 22, 1999

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Six Snowmen

One snowy day some kids came and built six snowmen. They came alive some how. They went on an adventure to the south. They finally melted.

The End

By friends: Anthony, Lindsey, Caitlin, Geoffrey, Grace, and Gina

January 22, 1999

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