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Mrs. Engelbert
P.S. 279
Brooklyn, New York
The Snow Child
by Freya Littledale

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The boys and girls in Class 3-208 in Brooklyn, N.Y. read the Snow Child. The story is about an older couple who love children but are unable to have their own. One day, they are out in the snow and decide to build a child out of snow. They kissed her and all of a sudden she is real. The couple love and enjoy her company. She is part of their family. She plays with them and all the other children in the village. The only dilemma they have is the snow child must sleep out in the snow. She does and all is well until the weather gets warmer. At this time, the snow child tells the older couple that she must leave. They are sad. The year goes by and it is winter again, and the snow child returns. The couple is happy and they love their child. This time, when spring arrives, the couple realize their child has to leave but this time they aren’t sad. They know she will return.

After we read the story the children were given two different activities to choose from. They were asked to create an invention to allow the snow child to stay all year long. The second activity was to create an illustration placing them in the story along with the snow child.  Here are their results. We hope you enjoy them.

Miss Engelbert and Class 3-208
P.S. 279
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Inventions and Illustrations

The Mega Freezing Machine

 This machine will freeze a naked man in 1 second. It will freeze a person with a lot of clothes on in 15 seconds. The snow child be comfortable.The child could change the temperature. It could change it from inside.

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This is Tabatha and Candise with our snow child. We are at our cottage in the mountains.Our snow child only comes in the winter to visit us. She loves to go on her sleigh and play with her teddybear Santa Claus. She also loves to make a snowman and pretend it s her sister or brother.

By Tabatha R and Candise Z.


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I made a snowchild. Her name is Snowmalina. She is made of snow. Her favorite thing is snow. We are making snowballs to throw at each other. We love the snow.


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This is my snow child and we play together on snowy days.The sky began to get dark. It was time to go to bed. I offered her a warm bed. She refused to sleep in the bed. Instead she slept outside on a bed of snow.I was worried about her. So I watched her half the night. In the morning when I woke up and she was ok. I was glad to see that she was ok.

Tracey and Kinnari

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This is the freezing machine. It can freeze a person in 5 milli-seconds. The snow child would be comfortable and she would be able to stay with her family throughout the year. All they would have to do is keep her inside and make sure she  doesn't get too hot. This is what the freezing machine can do.

Adrian C. and David B.

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The Freeze Machine keeps my snow child cool all year long and it does not have to go cold places during the warm months. It can stay with the family all the time. Now,you won t have to miss your snowchild .You could  even put clothes on it and it will not melt .If you're lucky it might even come to life.


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More "Cool" Illustrations

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