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Mrs. Kitts' Class
St. Angela Hall Acadamy
Brooklyn, New York

The Snowman
by Raymond Briggs

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Our class became frosty readers for the month of December. We made snowmen out of tube socks, buttons, and beans. Each snowman was given his/her own name. Our class wrote letters to one another as the snowmen, wrote poems and adventurous stories. We wrote words to the story titled "The Snowman" by Raymond Briggs.
Here are some thoughts on why our snowmen are special.
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I like my snowman because he is special and nice and good. He is my friend and we are nice to one another.  He is my best friend.

Biko M.

My snowman is special because he’s learning about dinosaurs, and planets. Everyone says he’s special and fun. But my snowman’s pet is special too. And his brother is twelve.

Nile D.

My snowman eats ice cream. My snowman is special because he has a friend, me. My snowman lives in my back yard. My snowman is nice. My snowman is named Jack Blizzard.

Patrick J.

My snowman was special because he was the president and he was a general in the year 1940’s.
He was a lawyer and made great laws. He was a great guitar player and a great singer. He was a great baseball, basketball, and football player. When he died, many people went to his funeral.

Dylan K.


My snowman is from the North Pole. My snowman’s name is Frosty man. Frosty man likes to wear blue. Frosty man likes the North Pole. Frosty man has a snow board.

George D.

Me and my snowman play. We play snowball fights and make believe he is alive. He likes cake and he is nice. His name is Big.

Brian H.

Why is your snowman special? He is special because he helps people. What does your snowman eat? He eats snowflakes. What does your snowman do for fun?He goes snow boarding for fun. What kind of books does he like? He likes snow books.

Malcolm S.

My snowman is special because he is made out of crystals and diamonds.  He likes to sit next to the refrigerator and be nice and cool. He likes to go outside during the winter and comes back inside at summer. He likes to sleep. My snowman is from Alaska.

Marcus R.

My snowman is special because it does tricks and he is cool. He hangs out with me. He could juggle snowballs. He could swim. He could skate. He could ski. He is mighty, mighty strong. He eats pizza. He drinks eggnog. He eats eggnog ice cream.

Brandon F.

My snowman is special because she can do anything.  She is one of my best friends. And she even helps me throw snowballs at my brother.

Kelle P.

My snowman is special. My snowman likes to eat snowballs. My snowman’s name is Max. My snowman lives in snow. I like my snowman because he is nice.

Eric B.

My snowman is special because he eats chicken, beans and rice with me, my family and friends. Mom and I were shopping at the supermarket with my snowman, T.J. My snowman’s name is T.J.

Morell C.

My snowman is special because he does not melt. He plays with me and we have fun.

Michael T.

What makes your snowman special? My snowgirl is special because she has lots of friends. Lisa is popular. She likes to eat good food and bad food. Her favorite sport is soccer and backball.

Lindsay P.

What does your snowman like? My snowman likes to party. His name is T.J. He likes people. He likes to have a good time.

Ayanna C.

My snow woman is special because she is beautiful. She likes to eat ice cream and snow. My snow woman and I like to play in the snow.

Cynthia P.

My snowman goes to the city. His name is Jack Frost. My snowman became human and he came to my birthday party.

Christian W.

My snowman came in the house. He ate some food. He helped me put away some papers. He helps me a lot. He is a lot of fun.

Jinaki B.