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Quincy's Home Page

The First Pet Dog

Once upon a time there was a boy named Quincy. He lived in a cave. So he went outside and threw some rocks at a bush. Then something came out of the bush. He took it home and fed it. He discovered that it was a wolf and they lived happily ever after.

My Dreams

First I will go to college. My dream is to work with animals. My parents told me that my great, great, grandparents were not allowed to go to college. They were slaves. I am glad there were many heros like Harriet Tubman, Jesse Owens, and Martin Luther King Jr. When I grow up I will try to keep the world at peace like my heros did. If people today want to make a better world they must love and help each other. People of all colors need each other. We can all be happy like we are now. Working and playing together is fun. I have dreamed of going to college, caring for animals, and helping bring peace to the world. I never thought I could write an essay of one hundred-fifty words and now that I am finished I am very proud of myself!

If I Were A Shark

If I were a shark I would be a hammerhead. I would be a fast swimmer and I would have a head like a hammer. I could eat my food without cooking it. I can catch fish too! I would have sharp teeth and I could see all the sea creatures.


Some spiders carry their babies on their backs. Some put them in sacs. Some spiders live underground.


Apples, apples are good to eat
Apples, apples nice and sweet
Apples, apples taste like a treat