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Nicky's Home Page

Nicholas created this in Kid Pix Studio.

The Trapped Wolves

One day there was a boy and a girl. They went into a cave. They saw a wolf. It was trapped. They saw some more trapped wolves. So they helped the wolves be free. The wolves stayed with the people. They became dogs.

My Dog Pepe

Hi! I am Nicky. My pet is a dog. His name is Pepe. He likes to chase my cat. Pepe doesn't bite. Most of the time he eats. He is a furry dog.

My Dream

I want to be a super hero because I can save my family from bad guys that try to hurt them. I don't have a super hero but I like Spiderman, Batman, and Superman because they fight evil. I like being a good guy because they are stronger than the bad guys. My superhero costume top will be red and my pants will be blue. I will not be able to fly but I can lift heavy things without it being hard for me. I have a superdog that can fly and claws bad guys that try to jump on me.

Jack In Cuckoo Land

(Inspired by the Stinky Cheese Man)

Once upon a time there was a kid named Jack. When he slept his bell started to ring.... ring....rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. Yeah! Yeah! Stop the ringing already said the little red hen.

The End