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The Cave Boy and the Wolf

Once there was a cave boy. He lived in a cave. One day he went hunting. He found a wolf. It was a lone wolf. The cave boy took the wolf home. Then he told his friends what he did. Then they did it too.

My Dog Geo

Hello! My name is John and my dog's name is Geo. I named her after the car. My dog's color is white. Geo has brown eyes. Geo is little. Geo eats eggs and dog food. I love my dog!

The Blue Whale

I like the blue whale because it is big. It weighs more than one hundred tons! I learned that the blue whale does not have teeth. It has baleen. Baleen is the same thing like plates. The blue whale is huge.

Abraham Lincoln

I like Abe Lincoln because he was nice. I bet he was a good president. He did not want slaves so he fought against having them. Abe kept his letters in his hat. I think that is cool. He was kind. I wish he were alive so he could be our president again.

My Favorite Season

I dream about summer. When it is cold I wish it was hot. I like snow, but I like being warm. I like summer because I get to see my summer friends again. I miss school in the summer because I like learning.


Warewolves are howling at the moon
Witches are on their brooms
Pumpkins are smiling
Are you?


Apples are red,
Blueberries are blue,
I like apples
and so do you!


I like apples. Apple week was fun. Apples are good. I ate an apple today. My friend Bobby likes apples too. Christina does too. Kathleen likes apples too. Nicholas does too. Do you?