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Christina's Home Page

My Pet Dog

My dog is sick. I hope she gets better. My dog's name is Magic. She needs a haircut. I am going to take her to the dog groomer. I hope she will look good. Maybe some day she will have puppies.

Our Whale Unit

I love whales. They are beautiful to me. I will remember the videos on whales that we saw. I loved when the lady held the whale's fin for a second. If whales were ever in trouble I would do everything I could to save them. I loved everything we learned.

My Three Wishes

If I had three wishes I would wish for my dog to have some puppies, a visit to my grandma, and for my grandma to stay healthy. I would play with the puppies in my basement. I can roll in the grass with them. I miss my grandma because she lives far away. My grandma gives me a lot of things.

There Once Was A Shark

There once was a shark
Who liked to bark
He thought he was a dog
So we named him Mark
He likes to swim like a shark
Even in the dark
So he is our pet shark
Our shark loves pizza
That's why he is very smart


Apples are red, green, and yellow
They are sweet
Some are sour
They fall off nice green trees.