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One place that you can find hummingbirds is in the rainforest. They come in bright colors. They drink necter with their long beaks.

My Pets

Hi! My name is Charissa. I have three pets. My dog's name is Beethoven. My lizard's names are Spike and Rex. My lizards Spike and Rex mostly sleep alot because they are tired. My dog plays a lot. My dog is black and white. My lizard's color is dark green and light green. They are cute. I love my pets. They are my favorite pets. I used to have another dog but he died. I miss my dog that died. His name was Rocky. I miss Rocky. My dog Beethoven reminds me of my dog Rocky that died by a car. A car ran him over.

Our Whale Unit

I feel sad when they kill whales. I like learning about whales. It is a lot of fun. Today is Friday. It is my last day learning about whales. Whales are very gentle and kind to people. But to each other they are sometimes not gentle. They can fight with each other. Whales are pretty. They look very nice and are nice. I think that whales are cute. I just don't understand why people kill these beautiful and wonderful animals.

The Amazing Panda Adventure

I feel happy that the cub is back with his mother. I am glad that the cub Johnny did not die. Johnny is cute for a panda. I love pandas!

My Dream

When I grow up I dream of being a traveler. I want to go to Russia to see matroskah dolls and eat their food. I would also like to travel to Peru to see the beautiful country and learn about how they live. I dream about visiting a lot of other countries too, so that I can learn about how they live.

The Day Mrs.Silverman Met a Shark

One day when Mrs.Silverman was swimming she saw a shark. Then she saw more and more sharks. She was so happy that she saw them. Then Mrs. Silverman saw fishes, crabs, and the most beautiful shark. It was called a hammerhead. That day she was the happiest of all.


I like apples
You like apples
We like apples
Everybody Likes Apples!