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Ariel's Home Page

My Pet Horse

My pet is a horse. It is furry and has a mane and tail. His name is Red. I like to ride horses and ponies. I like to feed horses and pet them.


A whale has a blowhole so she can dive down deep. When she dives down deep she uses her flippers to swim around. When the whale comes back up she puts her fluke up. She is a blue whale. A blue whale has baleen. Her friend is the humpback whale.

My Dream

One day I will have a horse, a pony, and cows. The horse will be a chestnut color with a blaze and two white socks. The pony will be a Shetland with a star and four white stockings. The cow will be a milk cow with white and brown spots. They will live in a barn in the country. I will plant vegetables. I will have goats for their wool. I will have chickens for eggs. The way I would like to be like a hero is that I'd feed everybody. I'll sell the vegetables to all people. I'll give poor people vegetables too.

A Hammer With A Bammer

A shark named Lee was swimming through the sea, and accidently bumped into a seal. She said, "Sorry, I'd like you for dinner." The seal hated the shark. With a bark, it swam away and cried, "I'm a winner!"

Lee swam away too. She smelled another prey. It was a blowfish. Lee quickly ate it. She choked to death on his spines. So you will find a shark won't eat blowfish or it dies.


I like ponies. They are sometimes big but they are usually small. Ponies are nice. My mom rides English and I ride Western. I can finally canter now. Riding is cool.


Some kinds of turtles have backs up to 55 inches long. The name of that turtle is the Leatherback. I saw one at Okeanos in Riverhead. It had been "run over" by a boat on the water.

The difference between a tortoise and a turtle is that a tortoise is a land turtle. Some turtles live in the water.


On Halloween night people dress up like ghosts and witches. Some kids say trick or treat. Kids go from house to house getting candy to eat. The dentist loves it because they get cavities!