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Baby Boy

B Baby brothers are nice to have
A Adorable, but wear parents out
B Boys are fun to have around
Y Yes, they can get annoying
B Boy, they can give you a big headache
O Oh, but they are fun to play with
Y You would love having a brother

My Cats

I have two pet cats. Their names are Bianca and Pepper. They are two very nice pets. They sometimes don't get along. My cat Bianca is a very chatty cat. Whenever Bianca and Pepper don't get along, Bianca starts meowing and Pepper starts hissing. Then Pepper runs off.

The Amazing Panda Adventure

Right now I'm feeling peaceful because the movie that we just watched had a peaceful ending to it. There is another reason why I feel peaceful. This is the other reason why. The panda that was in the movie was dying and the boy and girl tried to save it. I'm glad they made it. There even is another reason why. It is because the panda was very cute and I'm glad the boy and the girl met the panda. This movie was fun to watch. It was also funny. The poachers were the worst.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was very nice and very kind. He tried to be president but lost the first time. The next time he ran he won and the other guy lost. Then he gave a speech but he needed someone to hold his hat. So the guy that lost said, "If I can't win, I can at least hold your hat." So he held his hat while Abe gave a speech.

My Hero

My dad is my hero. He saves me a lot. My story is a fairy tale. Once upon a time there lived a girl named Alison. She always got hurt and fell a lot. One day she broke her leg and that was a real problem because she broke her leg in the woods. Super Dad saw her and he lifted her up to the sky. It was really amazing that she was flying on her own because only a plane can do that. They flew over the clouds and went down again into a hospital where they saved her life. She was really happy. It hurt but she didn�t care. She was having fun but she had to go home. She was still happy that she knew Super Dad. Super Dad is my dad and I love him a lot. Super Dad has special powers but he doesn�t use them when he is mad. Super Dad doesn�t fly in front of me a lot, but Super Dad knows that I love him.

Harriet Tubman

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Alison. Alison was a slave. She didn't like her living but she did what she was told. One night she was invited to run away and Alison took the chance. She didn't care what would happen if she got caught. She went with Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was a conductor for slaves on the Underground Railroad. She was a very brave girl. She lived in a hut with a dirt floor and no furniture. Alison lived in a hut too. Whenever she had to go to the bathroom she had to go in the woods.

Alison went with Harriet Tubman in the night to escape. She didn't get caught when she went with her. Alison got taught how to be a conductor by watching and listening to Harriet Tubman. They went from house to house with the other slaves and relatives to hide. They slept there during the day and traveled at night. They went all the way to Canada! After the Civil War the slaves were finally free.


Sharks are not bad creatures of the sea. Thanks to the movie "Jaws" people think that sharks are eating machines. But sharks don't eat people. "Jaws" was a book written by Peter Benchley. Now people think sharks are bad and dangerous. Sharks are not dangerous. They're just living sea creatures. Sharks don't want to eat you. They just want to swim around in the water.

When a shark has a baby it is called a pup. It looks the same just smaller as when it's grown up. They will attack you if you are bothering them.

My Starry Bear Tale

Once upon a time there lived two naughty bears. They always played tricks on the other animals. They didn't like that at all. One night the two bears got stuck upside down. They said, "Help! Help! Help!" Then they got sucked up to the clouds. They were never seen again. But once in awhile you would hear them screaming in the clouds.


Today in class we did a neat experiment. We used a light bulb, a battery, and a wire. Thanks to Scott and Quincy they saved the day. They figured out the mystery and I was very happy. They used their brains to figure out how to do it. But they were the happiest. This is how they did it. They put the battery on the table and twisted the wire around the light bulb. Then they put the wire under the battery and put the light bulb on top of the battery. There you have it, voila! I named my science experiment Michele.

My Neat Science Experiment

Today in class we did a neat experiment. We used a liquid, and something called BTB. BTB is Bromothyol Blue. I had a lot of fun. Then my breath changed the BTB to green and then it turned into yellow. That was the end of Mr. Blue and Mrs.Green.


Bats and spiders
Tickle me inside
Whenever I see one
I feel like I want to go and hide.

Travel Brochure of Peru

Peru has a lot of volcanoes. Peru is a very nice place. They have very good food. You can go to Lake Titicaca. In Peru you can take a bath in rivers and lakes. Peru is a very nice place so go there and have a nice time.